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By D.O Immaculata 

The modern-day Screw Tape Letters about Woman.

She is a fascinating tale of Jez, a woman, who takes you on a journey to the areas of temptation that exists in the lives of many women in today's society. It demonstrates how easy it is to be taken away from the glory of God to the brink of evil.

She sheds light on the reality of the darkest and deepest recesses of our lives in hopes of allowing you to recognize your possible weaknesses in order to keep you from falling into the lures and traps that keep us away from our Creator. 

One reader of 'She' had this to say:
“The topic is compelling and gripping! It is because it is the Truth of the consequences of our actions when not following God’s will for our lives. I could have listened to this for hours… Everyone needs to read/listen to this as it strikes many chords of dissonance, which is the truth has the power to stir the conscience to recognize there is something wrong in their behavior, if not to compel the reader/listener to seek out a change.